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An unexpected universal curve (in Portuguese)

April 22, 2010

2004 GF – Uma inesperada curva universal

Universal curve of Gres vs. published results

April 9, 2010

The values of Gres obtained by Shcherbakov and Harada [1] for gold foils are very well fitted by the universal curve of resonance neutron self-shielding factors as a function of a dimensionless variable, Gres(z) [2]. This comparison was not made in [2] because article [2] was submitted to Applied Radiation and Isotopes while [1] was under review in Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology.

[1] O. Shcherbakov and H. Harada, Resonance self-shielding corrections for activation cross section measurements. Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 39 (5) (May 2002) 548-553.

[2] E. Martinho, I.F. Gonçalves, J. Salgado, Universal curve of epithermal neutron resonance self-shielding factors in foils, wires and spheres. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 58 (3) (March 2003) 371-375.

10 Thermal neutron self-shielding factors

April 1, 2010

10 2004 Development of a unique curve for Gth in spherical scattering materials

The introduction of an appropriate dimensionless variable, which takes into account, simultaneously, the material absorbing and scattering properties, can express the thermal neutron self-shielding factor of spherical samples by a unique curve. It is shown that the differences between the values calculated by Blaauw and those of the proposed curve are < 1.5%.