Universal curve of Gres vs. published results

The values of Gres obtained by Shcherbakov and Harada [1] for gold foils are very well fitted by the universal curve of resonance neutron self-shielding factors as a function of a dimensionless variable, Gres(z) [2]. This comparison was not made in [2] because article [2] was submitted to Applied Radiation and Isotopes while [1] was under review in Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology.

[1] O. Shcherbakov and H. Harada, Resonance self-shielding corrections for activation cross section measurements. Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 39 (5) (May 2002) 548-553.

[2] E. Martinho, I.F. Gonçalves, J. Salgado, Universal curve of epithermal neutron resonance self-shielding factors in foils, wires and spheres. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 58 (3) (March 2003) 371-375.

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